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Southover Orthodontic Practice

Southover Orthodontic Practice is located on Southover in Woodside Park, North London. If you live in surrounding areas such as Mill Hill, Totteridge or Finchley, Southover Orthodontic Practice is therefore in a good location for you. The head Orthodontist at Southover is Glenn Cooper. Originally from South Africa, Glenn has over 20 years of experience in the field of Orthodontics. Treating patients and giving them the perfect smile is something Glenn and his staff are very passionate about.

Having a perfect smile is very important today. The media highlights how important different products to maintain healthy looking teeth whether it be with Oral B or Colgate. Who of us haven’t dreamed of perfect teeth? At Southover Orthodontic Practice, the main goal is to achieve the perfect smile via straightening ones teeth. This is achieved with braces that a patient will have for as long as it takes to make the teeth straight. Braces are so popular and now more and more adults are starting to wear braces. This is clearly a sign of the times and how teeth are more and more important in society.

If you would like to find out more about the treatments that Southover Orthodontic Practice offer, feel free to search through the website to read more about what Southover can do for you! Typically, an orthodontist reviews your teeth and then offers a treatment plan. If you think that orthodontics is for you and you live in the Finchley area, then Southover Orthodontic Practice could be the best practice for you. But not just for you but for your kids too. More and more kids are having braces these days and this will set them up for life. Having good teeth is essential for looking smart and presentable whether going on a date or going for a job interview.

Southover Orthodontic Practice uses some of the most modern techniques in orthodontics today. With the expertise and experience of Glenn Cooper and his dedicated staff, there is no reason that Southover won’t deliver a perfect smile for you and your family.

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