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We look forward to welcoming you back to Southover Orthodontic Practice. Our priority is for your and our safety and we have adopted many changes in compliance with the Chief Dental Officer and scientific literature. We have also followed sensible and practical guidance from Orthodontists in Germany, Spain, Canada and USA.

What have we done?

A glass screen has been fitted to separate the reception area from all patients and people entering the premises. A glass screen has been placed in the consultation office to enable face to face discussion with a barrier in place.

The waiting area has been cleared of all magazines and reduced seating to have at least 2metres between seats. Patient appointments have been lengthened to allow more time for thorough cleaning between patients. The patient flow has been reduced to ensure less contact with others visiting the practice. All clinical staff will be wearing masks at all times. Face shields will be worn for all necessary procedures and full protective personal equipment for all aerosol generating procedures. The surgeries will be left for an hour before thorough cleaning to ensure no aerosols persist. Windows will remain open during these limited procedures for ventilation. All staff have their temperatures recorded twice a day and will not be allowed to work if they present with any illness. Vulnerable patients will be allocated an appointment when there are no other patients in the practice.
Patients experiences will be different
At each appointment questions will be asked about your health and text messages sent the day prior to your appointment will request that no one attends who has any symptoms. On entering the practice you will be asked to sanitise your hands. Before being taken to the operatory rooms your temperature will be taken and recorded. Although this is not mandatory it is another guide to ensure your and our health.

We will need parents and guardians to not enter the practice with their child where possible and to wait in their cars to reduce the flow of people. We ask that no siblings or friends attend with the patient especially into the clinical areas. If it is not possible to wait outside, as few people as possible will be able to wait in the waiting room.

The toilet facilities will not be available to patients except if absolutely necessary.

Please wear a mask or face covering on entering the practice if you have one. Ideally everyone should be doing this to protect those around one and we would provide masks to everyone, but unfortunately there is a shortage of availability at this time.
Where possible we recommend all patients to brush their teeth and braces before coming to the appointment.
We appreciate your understanding and we will continue to update our knowledge and make any necessary changes if needed to ensure your safety.

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