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Clear Braces

Clear Braces

These are a favourable option for patients who prefer a less visible appliance. The brackets are translucent or tooth coloured and more aesthetic.




Attractive, translucent or tooth coloured, aesthetic fixed brackets appeal to some patients in view of their less obtrusive appearance. These are made from a ceramic material. Fixed braces can be made less aesthetically obvious by using these brackets. These appliances are not suitable for all types of malocclusion and this will be discussed at your consultation appointment.

At Southover Orthodontic Practice we use the following aesthetic brackets:

  • Damon Clear

  • Radiance

  • Clarity

Damon Clear

Damon Clear brackets are a self-ligating eliminating elastic ties which are more likely to stain.


Radiance brackets from American Orthodontics are made of sapphire and with their glass-like appearance enhance the aesthetics.


The Clarity system from 3M are translucent tooth-coloured brackets which are designed for easier and more comfortable removal when treatment is complete.

“The practice is professional, friendly and extremely competent. I cannot recommend Mr Cooper enough, having braces in my 40s was a big decision but I'm overjoyed with the result! Thank you for my new smile!”

S.T., as seen on Google Reviews

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